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Irgiredmet performs a full range of object-specific works, starting from any stage of its development. All works are performed with a close interaction between engineering and research departments of a company.

Optimal process solutions are defined at pre-design stages, e.g. flowsheet design, pre-feasibility studying of reserves assessment conditions etc. This allows to minimize risks of a technological failure, select effective equipment, specify suppliers and reduce design documentation completion period.

Fields of work:

Mining operations


Open pits and mines

Auxiliary facilities

Administrative and household facilities

Field camps

Explosive storages etc.


Ore-dressing plants

Gold recovery plants

Heap leaching plants

Waste disposal plants

Tailings facilities

Waste piles

SDW landfills

The quality of project design works is ensured with high professional skills of the staff experienced in project development, design documentation examination at the RF State Expert Evaluation Department and the Federal Agency for Mineral Resources (Rosnedra), expert examination of industrial safety and the State Environmental Expert Evaluation. All of these activities have resulted in getting positive expert reports.

Irgiredmet has all required licences for design works, competency certificates for design documentation procedures, which are essential for designing and have an impact on construction projects safety.

Our projects:

Zapadnoe (Irkutsk Region)

Berezitovoe (Amur Region)

Asachinskoe (Kamchatka Territory)

Goletz Vysochaishy (Irkutsk Region)

Bamskoe (Amur Region)

Valunistoe (Chukotka)

Aginskoe (Kamchatka Territory)

Darasun, Teremki, Talatuy (Transbaikal Territory)

Ykanskoe (Irkutsk Region)

Syukeevskoe (Tatarstan)

Chyortovo koryto (Irkutsk Region)

Tavt (Mongolia)

Svetlinskoe (Chelyabinsk Region)

Khara-Shibirskoe (Transbaikal Territory)

Kuranakhskoe (Amur Region)

Yubileynoe (Bashkortostan)

Neyvinskaya placer mine (Ural)

Studyonaya river placer mine (Bolshevik Island, Krasnoyarsk Territory)

Chernaya river placer mine (Tuva)

Takhtyga river, B. Alemkit river etc. placer mines (Irkutsk Region)

Volokchenskaya placer mine (Buryatia)

Shirinskaya placer mine (Chita Region)

Limuriiskaya mar placer mine, Bolshiye Bori river placer mine (Khabarovsk Territory)

Sulu-Tegerek river, Kuru-Tegerek river placer mines (Kyrgyzstan)

Khrami river placer mine (Georgia)